Screens for any application


SKEET’R BEAT’R Motorized Screens are manufactured only by Screen America Corporation! These quality products are designed primarily for the retrofit residential market and can be installed on existing homes or used in light commercial settings.

The screens are housed in powder-coated aluminum housings and the mesh selection includes a wide variety of colors in insect, sun, and privacy control options.

Your area can be either open or screened with only the push of a button! Remote group controls and specialized controls for use with home automation systems are available as well!


ECLIPSE Exterior Sunshades…

Without the ECLIPSE Sunshade System, managing sunshine in your home or office can be an impossible task!

Do you appreciate the natural sunlight that brightens your room? 

Are you frustrated of the glare on your computer and television? 

Does the sun irritate your face while trying to read or talk with friends? 

SKEET'R BEET'R protects your furniture and floors from fading. Then ROLLS UP FOR YOU TO ENJOY YOUR VIEW!

The high-tech fabric used in this line is designed to filter sunlight rather than block it out. It effectively reduces heat absorption, prevents cooling loss, and helps eliminate glare. While providing substantial protection against fading, the ECLIPSE Exterior Sunshade System preserves the view outside! For over twenty-eight years, Screen America Corporation has been engineering and manufacturing motorized roll-up screens and shades. With a worldwide distribution network, we have the experience and technological background to provide you with truly effective sunlight management!